Have You Ever Wanted To Wear A “Team Jesus” Shirt?

Now you can! Heart OMG is an online retailer that sells fashionable churchwear.

So here are some things you can buy in Heart OMG’s online store:

ID: 749691

2. This “GOD Knows My Secrets” tank:

ID: 749688

3. This “Team Jesus” tee:

ID: 749733

4. A “CHURCH ROCKS” shirt:

The mesh fingerless gloves are not sold at Heart OMG, sadly.

ID: 749701

5. This “Don’t Be Tempted” tank:

ID: 749687

6. “Prince of Peace”

ID: 749734

7. This “A Date with J.C.” tunic:

ID: 749678

8. A “WORSHIP CREW” signature tank:

Most convincing product description ever: “Anytime is a worship time & I’m always ready to rock n’ roll. That’s right, I’m on the best crew ever — worship crew.

ID: 749715

9. This “Sweet Jesus” shirt:

ID: 749719

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