A History Of White House Pets In Photographs

Will Bo Obama continue to reign as First Pet, or will Romney’s Dressage horse take the crown?

1. Abraham Lincoln’s dog, “Fido,” 1860

2. Rutherford B. Hayes and his Spaniel “Duke,” c. 1877

3. Grover Cleveland with his Cocker Spaniel, 1906

Library of Congress / Via

4. Benjamin Harrison’s goat, “Whiskers,” 1891

5. Teddy Roosevelt and two of his many dogs, 1905

Library of Congress / Via

6. William Taft’s cow, “Pauline,” 1910

7. Woodrow Wilson’s flock of sheep, 1918

Library of Congress / Via

8. Warren Harding with his Airedale Terrier “Laddie Boy,” 1922

9. Calvin Coolidge with “Tiger,” 1924

10. Herbert Hoover with his Belgian Shepherd, “King Tut,” 1928

11. FDR with his Scottie “Fala,” 1941

Stringer / Getty Images

12. Harry Truman’s Cocker Spaniel puppy “Feller,” 1947

13. Dwight D. Eisenhower with his Weimaraner “Heidi,” 1959

The Eisenhower Library / Via

14. JFK, his children, and “Macaroni” the pony, 1962

15. LBJ singing with “Yuki,” 1968

16. Richard Nixon with his Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, 1964

Bob Gomel / Via

17. The Ford family with their Golden Retriever “Liberty,” 1974

Stringer / Getty Images

18. Jimmy Carter, his daughter Amy, and their Siamese cat, “Misty Malarky Ying Yang,” 1977

19. Reagan in a helicopter with his Bouvier des Flandres, “Lucky,” on his lap, 1985

20. George H.W. Bush, his Springer Spaniel “Millie,” and her new litter, 1989

21. Bill Clinton’s pets, “Socks” and “Buddy,” in the Oval Office, 1998

22. George W. Bush with his Scotties, 2006

Pool / Getty Images

23. Obama and Portugese Water Dog “Bo,” the reigning First Dog, 2009

The White House / Getty Images

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