A Christmas Wish List In The 1920s

With these gifts, Christmas is going to be the cat’s meow!

Say, it’s almost Christmas time!

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Time to draft up a wish list of gifts. Let’s get a wiggle on!

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1. American paraphernalia to show some patriotism. Hopefully the Red Scare is over soon.

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2. The latest fashions. Looking spiffy is important!

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3. An electric hair dryer would speed up the trendiest ‘dos.

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4. An Art Deco cigarette case is a must.

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5. An evening out to a speakeasy. Prohibition is utter nonsense, but at least the bar is a good place to show off new looks.

ID: 715587

6. A personal moonshine still would be absolutely splendid.

ID: 715380

7. If liquor’s too hard to come by, then some Coca-Cola will do.

ID: 715789

8. A swell new phonograph, preferably by the Victor Talking Machine Company.

ID: 715416

9. And some records to go with it, of course!

ID: 715435

10. A handy little radio would be the bee’s knees.

ID: 715483

11. Chocolate…mmmm.

ID: 715522

12. This one’s named after everyone’s favorite baseball player!

ID: 715533

14. A Kodak camera would be perfect to capture the upcoming year.

ID: 715551

15. If the budget’s high, a Ford Model T.

ID: 715662

16. A Lionel train set, just like the ones in the storefronts!

ID: 715851

17. Christmas seals, to help fight tuberculosis.

ID: 715960

18. Pens that hold their own ink! Extraordinary.

ID: 715948

19. And a typewriter, to write heartfelt letters to friends and family.

ID: 715688

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