32 Imaginative And Beautifully Designed Maps

Maps reinvented artistically.

1. New York City Quilt by Haptic Lab

ID: 783120

2. Typographic World Map by Design Ahoy

ID: 783309

3. Urban Carpet by Marcella Campa & Stefano Avesani

Carpets mapping different Hutong neighborhoods in Beijing, in the technique of Chinese communist propaganda fabrics.

ID: 783281

4. Meat world map by Elvira Rajek

ID: 784671

5. Hand-crafted street maps by Karen O’Leary

ID: 783213

6. “Made in America” cast iron skillets by FeLion Studios

ID: 783159

7. Mexico City paper sculpture map by Matthew Picton

ID: 783186

8. Laser cut wood maps of underwater topography by Below the Boat

ID: 783239

9. Blinking City by Marcella Campa & Stefano Avesani

Colorful stencils of Beijing’s rapidly transforming Hutong neighborhoods

ID: 783257

10. Oslo Ceramic Coasters by Anders Hansen

ID: 783295

11. Recycled computer world map by Susan Stockwell

ID: 783301

12. LOTR-style map of America by redditor Jvlivs

ID: 783553

13. Topographical Lego map of NYC by JR Schmidt

ID: 783329

14. Brooklyn map pillow by Melissa Corwin

Pillow maps of all five NYC boroughs are available in her Etsy shop.

ID: 784709

15. World coin map by Swedish design firm Bedow

ID: 783573

16. Another currency map, by redditor The310Investigator

ID: 784063

17. Papercut map of London by Famille Sumemrbelle

ID: 784654

18. Screen printed papercut map of Paris by Famille Summerbelle

ID: 784843

19. City tiles by Renata Rubim

ID: 784766

20. United States bookshelf by Ron Arad

ID: 784661

21. “Cartographies” by Jennifer Maravillas

ID: 784780

22. London Underground circuit radio map by Yuri Suzuki

ID: 784720

23. Typographic Chicago map by Axis Maps

ID: 784750

24. Hong Kong Landcarpet by Florian Pucher

ID: 784744

25. “Mapkins” by Soft Cities

ID: 784783

26. “The City Slipper” by Swims

ID: 784771

27. Munich by Lu Xinjian

Abstracted city map based on Google Earth

ID: 784879

28. Chipped away world map by Jean Denant

ID: 784832

29. London Underground string map by Dan Coffey

ID: 784804

30. “World Trip” fish tank by Takuro Yamamoto

ID: 784864

31. Tundra quilt by Leah Evans

ID: 784829

32. Real-time wind map by hint.fm

ID: 784846

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