27 Ways To Wear Cats

Critics agree, this is the most important style guide there is.

1. Bored of your collar? KITTY COLLAR TIPS

$24 by Motel

ID: 818952

2. Going to a 90s rave? CAT HOLOGRAM GLASSES

$16 on Etsy

ID: 818971

3. Legs need some pizzazz? CAT LEGGINGS

£25.00 ($40) at Drop Dead

ID: 819346

4. No idea where you put your bills? CAT WALLET

$14.95 at The Walart

ID: 819862

5. Excited by Asian cats in particular? NEKO SHIRT

Available at Urban Outfitters

ID: 820817

6. Chilly? CAT SWEATER

$33 at Chicnova

ID: 819569

7. In search of the most perfect t-shirt in the world? IT’S THIS ONE.

$18.95 at animalshirts.net

ID: 820767

8. Desperate for bloggable shoes? CAT LITAS

$160 at Urban Outfitters

ID: 819592

9. Giant heels not your thing? CAT FLATS

£465 ($737) by Charlotte Olympia

ID: 820130

10. In touch with Haile Selassie I? RASTAFURRIAN CAT SHIRT

$19 at Beach Dog

ID: 820727

11. Groovin’ like this model? COSMIC CAT FACE T-SHIRT

$31.66 at ASOS

ID: 819696

12. Neck exposed to winter cold? CAT SCARF

$29.99 from Modcloth

ID: 819976

13. Formal event? CAT TIE

$30 on Etsy

ID: 820104

14. Considering a career in rapping? CAT DO-RAG

$15 at Rad Wraps

ID: 820894

15. Literal cold feet? CAT ANKLE SOCKS

$5 at Nasty Gal

ID: 819663

16. Need a shirt to match your laser-shooting eyes? LASER CAT TEE

Available on Threadless

ID: 820163

17. Night out? CAT DRESS.

No longer available at Modcloth, but begging them to bring it back is always an option.

ID: 820040

18. Seeking exciting knees? CAT-ON-KNEE LEGGINGS

$29.99 at Romwe

ID: 820349

19. Prefer to show more leg skin? CAT BOXER SHORTS

$16.99 at Broadbay Cotton

ID: 820799

20. Nowhere to put all your crap? CAT TAPESTRY BACKPACK

$32 at Curiosity Corner

ID: 820182

21. Into expressive brushstrokes? GESTURAL CAT BLOUSE

$58 at American Apparel

ID: 820229

22. Have a poor sense of time? CAT WATCH

$35.18 at ASOS

ID: 820680

23. Crazy party this weekend? TRIPPY CAT SWEATSHIRT

€45.00 ($60) at Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

ID: 820742

24. Devoted to cats for life? CAT TATS

ID: 820782

25. Pining for feline warmth? CAT JACKET

£60.00 ($95) at Rokit

ID: 820204

26. Nostalgic for slumber parties? CAT ONESIE

On sale for $29 at Dorothy Perkins

ID: 820788

27. Seeking true love, joy, comfort, and fun? NOTHING WILL EVER BEAT AN ACTUAL CAT. <3

ID: 820613

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