17 Artistic Takes On Classic Board Games

Snazzy. Oh, designers and their games.

1. Typographic Scrabble

Available at Winning Solution

ID: 797057

2. Platonic Chess

By Patricia Tower

ID: 801958

3. Handmade Game of Thrones Risk

By Fay Helfer

ID: 797147

4. Monopoly for designers: “The Pitch”

By Fatimah Kabba

ID: 797617

5. Candy Scrabble

Available on Etsy

ID: 797174

6. Designer Leather Checkers

By Gucci

ID: 797115

7. Lego Settlers of Catan

By Ryan H.

ID: 797241

8. “Portfolio,” the design professional take on Life

By Kevin Trow

ID: 797644

9. Wooden Chinese Checkers

By Luke Holdmann

ID: 801919

10. Chocolate Scrabble

By Mary & Matt

ID: 801825

11. Juicy Couture’s Connect Four

Available at Neiman Marcus

ID: 801838

12. Twee Settlers of Catan

By Sonni Delzani

ID: 801854

13. Minimal Waste Scattergories

By Jessica Bogart

ID: 801865

14. Digital Stereo Backgammon

By Deuce

ID: 801902

16. Ice Watch, based on Battleship

By Natalie Rauh

ID: 801946

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