There’s A Board Game Based On Bioshock Infinite And It Looks Amazing

The Bioshock that keeps getting infinitely better.

1. Remember this amazing game?

2k Games / Irrational Games / Via

2. You know, the game where you spend half of your time falling and gliding, but that somehow still manages to be really really fun?

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3. Well there’s a new board game out based on the acclaimed first-person shooter. It’s called “Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia”

PlaidHat Games / 2k Games / Via

4. You’re probably wondering, “Why mess with perfection?”

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5. As you may or may not know, the video game follows Booker DeWitt as he fights to rescue Elizabeth from the floating city of Columbia in the midst of a brutal civil war.

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6. The Board Game, with art by John Ariosa and Paul Guzenko, looks at the bigger picture.

PlaidHat Games / 2k Games / Via

7. In the board game, you fight the civil war. Taking control of either the Vox Populi (The Rebels) or the Founders (The Fundamentalist Establishment) you battle for control of Columbia and for the possession of Elizabeth.

PlaidHat Games / 2k Games / Via

8. Earn victory points by gaining and controlling territory. The first one to get 10 victory points wins the game.

PlaidHat Games / 2k Games

PlaidHat Games / 2k Games


9. You even have to watch out for Booker!

PlaidHat Games / 2k Games / Via

10. Take control of Daisy Fitzroy, the fierce anarchist, or other familiar characters.

2k Games / PlaidHat Games

2k Games / PlaidHat Games


11. Even poor old Mr. Handy here.

2k Games / PlaidHat Games

2k Games


12. Double the Bioshock, double the fun.

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