Four Secrets Of A Sports Illustrated Body Paint Model

The gorgeous Alyssa Miller explains the strange techniques for applying a paint-on swimsuit. Like dry shaving and “pussy flaps.”

1. Meet Alyssa Miller!

For the latest Sports Illlustrated swimsuit issue, she posed wearing this painted-on white bikini — a reenactment of the magazine’s first swimsuit issue cover.

ID: 987114

2. These are her personal photos from the day-long application process.

Alyssa Miller
ID: 986840

3. Which involves these.

Alyssa Miller

“Pussy flaps.”

ID: 987117

4. And lots of this.

Alyssa Miller

Dry shaving.

ID: 987119

5. Alyssa shares all of the strange details.

ID: 989304

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