21 Signs You Wear Too Much Makeup

You have to hide your alien face somehow.

1. You never rub your eyes because this:

ID: 2448624

2. You have different shades of foundation for each season.

ID: 2442299

3. You’ve tried contouring. With mixed results.

ID: 2442495

4. People have called your makeup “clowny”

ID: 2442292

5. You don’t recognize yourself when you’re not wearing makeup.

ID: 2442626

6. You’ve given up trying to organize your makeup collection.

ID: 2442298

7. All your clothing looks like this:

ID: 2442285

8. Sometimes all that eyeliner makes you look like you got punched in the face.

ID: 2442283

9. You argue that Mimi was just trying to express herself.

ID: 2442476

10. You don’t get why the “smoky eye” look is difficult for people.

ID: 2442303

11. If you forget to wash your face after a night of drinking, your pillows look like this:

ID: 2442288

12. You’re constantly trying to hide those under eye bags.

ID: 2442514

13. You like to rock the night look during the day.

ID: 2448667

14. You wear neon eye shadow. And not just to da club.

ID: 2442456

15. You have literally hundreds of makeup inspiration boards on Pinterest.

Via Pinterest
ID: 2448578

16. You’re desperately afraid of crying with your face on.

ID: 2442289

17. You put on makeup before you go to the gym.

ID: 2442572

18. You can completely change your skin tone with pressed powder.

ID: 2442598

19. Your makeup routine takes so long, most days you don’t finish it before you need to leave the house.

ID: 2442681

20. Your phone is always covered in greasy makeup.

ID: 2442684

21. Without makeup you don’t feel human.

ID: 2442538

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