28 Signs That You Were Born And Raised In LA’s South Bay

Congrats, you’re an SB warrior.

1. You consider OLD Tony’s heaven on earth.

ID: 1435480

2. You’ve been to 10,000 birthday parties at Gable House.

ID: 1435673

3. But now that you’re 21+ it’s karaoke at PV Bowl all the way.

ID: 1435678

4. You know the Torrance Transit to LA isn’t an option because it will take 3 hours.

ID: 1435668

5. You have a regular order and probably a mug from Joe’s.

ID: 1435661

6. Whenever you drive by Malaga Cove, you’re like “oh hai Europe?”

ID: 1435653

7. Don’t get it twisted - La Capilla is the best.

ID: 1435637

8. “Sunnydale” and “West Beverly” will always just be Torrance High to you.

ID: 1435635

9. Your mom has DEFS picked you up from the AMC Rolling Hills 20.

ID: 1435706

10. You have a go-to dive bar and it shall be yours forever.

ID: 1435628

11. If you’re feeling “healthy” you’re gonna hit up The Spot or The Green Temple.

ID: 1435603

12. You’ve heard crazy rumors about the comic book house and you love spotting the Spiderman car about town.

ID: 1435590

13. You know this sh*t is haunted.

ID: 1435728

14. You know they film everything here and that “The OC” was actually “The SB”.

ID: 1435529

15. All the bad-ass kids you knew ended up going to Shery High.

ID: 1435584

16. You’ve probz done something bad at the top of the rocket ship.

ID: 1435582

17. You have spent around one-third of your life at the Del Amo Mall. Sorry, I mean *Fashion Center

ID: 1435572

18. The Armed Forces Day Parade is a great excuse to BBQ.

ID: 1435703

19. You grew up saying ‘sup to Turkey John in Hermosa Beach (Chicken John if you’re nasty.)

ID: 1435466

20. It’s upsetting when you’re on PV Drive and DON’T see the Jesus Van.

ID: 1435474

21. Everyone you know has or will go to El Camino.

ID: 1435710

22. You call El Burrito Jr. “LBJ” and you know what a Special C is.

ID: 1435555

23. Meeting at RAT Beach is always a good plan, and the food stand there will forever be known as Alfredo’s.

ID: 1435546

24. Your summers probably included a ride on your beach cruiser on the 2nd Street Strand and a sauce and cheese sub from Mickey’s.

ID: 1435534

25. You’ve accidentally been to some sort of a poetry reading at Coffee Cartel.

ID: 1435527

26. You hit up Candy Cane Lane pretty much every year.

ID: 1435520

27. You know the true terror of the Fun Factory (but also that it’s awesome.)

ID: 1435513

28. And even though you used to complain that it was boring, you now know it’s the greatest place on earth.

ID: 1435713

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