The Drastic Differences Between What Pinterest Users Want And Want To Give For Christmas

I hope Pinners aren’t planning on doing any gift exchanges, or they will be SORELY disappointed.

1. Things Pinners want to give include: lotion bars.

ID: 724030

2. But lots of Pinners really just want jewelry.

ID: 724238

Make that diamonds, actually.

ID: 724246

Engagement rings, really.

ID: 724279

3. Pinners are really stoked to gift hand scrub they’ve made from Dawn soap and poured into a mason jar.

ID: 724048

4. But Pinners really WANT: purses and iPhone accessories.

ID: 724218

5. Pinners are sort of dying to give all their friends hot chocolate on a stick.

ID: 724045

6. Or hot chocolate in a jar.

ID: 724086

7. Actually, any gift that involves layering things in a glass jar is met with wild enthusiasm.

ID: 724143
ID: 724151

9. But what do Pinners really want for themselves? Clothes.

ID: 724223

10. Pinners really want to give their loved ones baskets full of cleaning supplies.

ID: 724288

11. But what do pinners really want? Puppies!

Or those cute small pigs!

ID: 724303

12. And kittens, of course.

ID: 724326

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