26 Voters You Will Really Hope Are Victims Of Auto-Correct

They’re casting ballets and ballads at the poles. Either they’re having a lot more fun with voting than you or just: ARGH.

1. Some citizens are hitting up the “ballet” today.


Was a bit confused by the straight party voting option on the ballet. Listed both Democrat party and Socialist party. Isn't it the same?

— bol10 (@John Bolten)

Not casting my ballet today is much more patriotic than voting for a candidate I don't believe in.

— Stokeypoo (@William Wallace II)

Roseanne Barr was really on the voting ballet lol. Wtf man. #MichaelFelson2016

— MdFelson (@Michael Felson)

Only person I'm voting for is Kobe Bryant. If his name ain't on the ballet then fuck this country.

— kierre262 (@The Kierre)

@airsarahs14 Are you voting today or have your absentee ballet in?

— renfurenfrew (@Spenser Renfrew)

10. Others are casting “ballads.”

Get a clear look at the election ballad with a new set of glasses! We don't want you voting for the wrong candidate.

— BahnCharles (@Charles Bahn)

If you voting for Romeny, make sure you post your ballad on Instagram. You'll win a cash prize!!!

— Exit9Lilbro (@Numb)

the ballad is literally across the street from my house and my brother is not voting

— neeelyheadlesss (@Leor)

Why tf would you take a picture of the voting ballad? Just vote for Obama and take your ass home.

— DeeMcGee_ (@5'2 Running Shit(:)

i mean i hope obama wins but tbh i really dont like either candidate so if i was voting today id just put my own name on the ballad #RNS

— poppag23 (@Ron Gonzalez)

Guys you can't take picture of your ballad to vote and show who your voting for. Your vote won't count. SO STOP YOU FUCKING IDIOTS

— Aniii_h (@Ani)

16. And still more, of course, are visiting the “poles.”

Why do I keep seein strippers n reference to voting. WTF they pole gotta do wit anything

— theotherTAC (@T)

Went with my mom to the voting pole and I got to vote 2!:-)

— WilsonAddison (@Addison Wilson)

I am at a voting pole, getting ready to vote.

— JSBissell1 (@Josh Bissell)

It is election day in America!! Get out there and vote!. Voting pole location for Orchard Village is Carman Trails Elementary.

— ovapartments (@Orchard Village)

This Little Chinese Lady Was at my Voting Pole this morning ! She had on her Little Obama Shirt .. ☺

— WWW_DOT_IDGAF (@Schnookams ™)

My mom is running a voting pole today get involved in decisions for the future pay attention to what's going on #vote2012 #Obama2012 #OBAMA

— sticular (@DocHollidaySr.)

At these pole these poeple are actually voting for Romney dumb ass poeple

— LILMIXX17YMCMB (@₭₡ GΔ₩₴ B☯Y ¥OLO☝✞✌)

@EverlarkingSG1 you can register at the the voting pole (at least, we can here in MN)

— EmmeLou79 (@Emma V)

Headed To The Voting Pole!

— Bloody_Savage1 (@QuarterPound Str8[^])

My mom, make sure to vote people! You can walk into any voting pole, just do it. http://t.co/QHGvQlvi

— AnizaBobisa (@Aniza Bobisa:))

Voting takes place as an individual at a voting pole. Therefore, should not be put on social sites.

— LekarzRhae (@Ty.)

This about sums it up.

I waited in line at the Pole, danced as I placed my Ballet sang a Ballad and my Voting experience was complete #VOTE

— TigeeDwayne (@RIDEAUX)

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