26 Voters You Will Really Hope Are Victims Of Auto-Correct

They’re casting ballets and ballads at the poles. Either they’re having a lot more fun with voting than you or just: ARGH. posted on

1. Some citizens are hitting up the “ballet” today.

Y'all do know posting pictures of your voting ballet is illegal right?


Hey y'all! You know what would really make my day??? A sunset/voting ballet instagram!!! Make it happen!!!


Was a bit confused by the straight party voting option on the ballet. Listed both Democrat party and Socialist party. Isn't it the same?


Not casting my ballet today is much more patriotic than voting for a candidate I don't believe in.


Roseanne Barr was really on the voting ballet lol. Wtf man. #MichaelFelson2016" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23MichaelFelson2016">#MichaelFelson2016


Only person I'm voting for is Kobe Bryant. If his name ain't on the ballet then fuck this country.


@airsarahs14" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/airsarahs14">@airsarahs14 Are you voting today or have your absentee ballet in?

10. Others are casting “ballads.”

Get a clear look at the election ballad with a new set of glasses! We don't want you voting for the wrong candidate.


If you voting for Romeny, make sure you post your ballad on Instagram. You'll win a cash prize!!!


the ballad is literally across the street from my house and my brother is not voting


Why tf would you take a picture of the voting ballad? Just vote for Obama and take your ass home.


i mean i hope obama wins but tbh i really dont like either candidate so if i was voting today id just put my own name on the ballad #RNS" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23RNS">#RNS


Guys you can't take picture of your ballad to vote and show who your voting for. Your vote won't count. SO STOP YOU FUCKING IDIOTS

16. And still more, of course, are visiting the “poles.”

Why do I keep seein strippers n reference to voting. WTF they pole gotta do wit anything


It is election day in America!! Get out there and vote!. Voting pole location for Orchard Village is Carman Trails Elementary.


This Little Chinese Lady Was at my Voting Pole this morning ! She had on her Little Obama Shirt .. ☺


My mom is running a voting pole today get involved in decisions for the future pay attention to what's going on #vote2012" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23vote2012">#vote2012 #Obama2012" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23Obama2012">#Obama2012 #OBAMA" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23OBAMA">#OBAMA


@EverlarkingSG1" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/EverlarkingSG1">@EverlarkingSG1 you can register at the the voting pole (at least, we can here in MN)


My mom, make sure to vote people! You can walk into any voting pole, just do it. pic.twitter.com/QHGvQlvi" target="_blank">http://t.co/QHGvQlvi">pic.twitter.com/QHGvQlvi


Voting takes place as an individual at a voting pole. Therefore, should not be put on social sites.

This about sums it up.

I waited in line at the Pole, danced as I placed my Ballet sang a Ballad and my Voting experience was complete #VOTE" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23VOTE">#VOTE

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