19 Reasons Ryan Lochte Is The Best Olympian On Twitter

You know what? He’s just the best. Period.

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1. He has phun with spelling.

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2. No one cares because he’s so good-looking.

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3. He abbreviates in unexpected places.

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4. He frequently expresses the unfailing belief that he is presiding over a nation made in his image.

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5. He’s not afraid that sharing mundane information will make him seem boring/annoying.

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6. This.

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7. He made the world aware of his forthcoming fitness DVD.

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By the way, this is the preview for the fitness DVD.

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It doesn’t ship until August but I am definitely buying a copy. Not necessarily to work out to it as much as hear him say things and look at his figure.

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8. He’s open about Olympic merchandising restrictions.

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9. And shameless enough to promote the hell out of his e-store before said restrictions kick in.

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By the way, these are the glasses he sells.

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10. He’s completely obsessed with them.

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The $15 style is sold out for now.

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11. He retweeted this!?!

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12. He gives the kids shout-outs.

(Along with their hot teachers.)

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13. He likes internet animals!

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I guess he’s a dog person. At least he had the sense to post a photo of a sloth wearing these glasses to his blog, too.

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14. He’s mournful at times, but never melodramatic.

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15. He’s self-aware.

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16. He only occasionally refers to himself in the third person.

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17. He loves his fans so much, he’s willing to do Twitter Q&As with them.

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18. Adorably, he forgets the “&A” part of the equation, and just retweets a bunch of Qs.

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19. But he has plans to get around to answering fan questions, eventually.

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