6 Bush Parodies That Didn’t Require “Sensitivity Training.”

Was the stunt at the Missouri State Fair dumb? Sure. However, it’s far from original. I don’t remember “sensitivity training” being required for any of these occasions.

1. When Game Of Thrones Used A Severed Likeness of Bush’s Head

Huffington Post / Via


2. When A Dummy Wore A Bush Mask at a Different State Fair in 1994.

At a state fair in 1994, a dummy with a George H. W. Bush mask was TORN TO SHREDS by a raging bull.


3. When CNN Ran This Image Of Bush with Horns & A Hitler Mustache.

Newsbusters / Via

Hasn’t anyone heard of Godwin’s Law?

4. When Vanity Fair Ran An Article Comparing George W. Bush to The Joker

Vanity Fair / Via

5. All of These

The American Spectator / Via

6. That 2006 Movie About The Fictional Assassination of George W. Bush.

IMDB / Via

So Where’s The Outrage About THOSE?

Here’s A Thought. Why Don’t We Respect The Office Of President Regardless of Who’s In Charge?

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