Wolves Reacting To “The Wolf Of Wall Street” As They Watch It

At this point, they’re the only ones who haven’t weighed in.

1. Kids, go to bed.

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This is a Mommy and Daddy movie.

2. Guythz, I got my tchewing sthick! Leths do thisth thing!

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Gotta have movie snacks.


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Everyone shut up!

4. Uhh, why is there a lion walking through the office? I thought this movie was about wolves?

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5. I did NOT know you could do cocaine through there.

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The butt. Someone just took cocaine through their butt.

6. Oh GOOD, Leo’s breaking the fourth wall. I LOVE that.

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It also looks a LOT like Matthew McConaughey. Weird.

8. What…is…he…doing?

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Was this chest-thumping in the script or is McConaughey free-wheelin’ it?

9. I *think* that’s the guy from Boy Meets World

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10. BAHAHAHA Jonah Hill is wearing a flipper like a toddler in a tiara!!!

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11. Is that Shane from The Walking Dead?

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So many recognizable faces!

12. Really? He really has a marching band on hand for office parties?

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I doubt it!

13. COACH TAYLOR!!!!!!

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Wolf eyes, wolf hearts, I’m a wolf!

14. Ooooooh Leo’s the wolf! Also, I love when they say the movie title in the movie. No sarcasm.

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15. EW that sound and blood spurting when that guy got punched! I’m a wolf and even I think vomit is the right reaction.

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16. They fire that guy and say this is a real “wolf pit”? They know NOTHING of the wolves.

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Honestly, The Hangover was closer.


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That’s what I’ve officially decided to call a Jon Favreau cameo.

18. “More chest banging?” “Ok this might be a cult.” “Yeah, I think this might definitely be a cult.” “Guys, I think the gazelle we were hunting got away.”

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19. THIS is why wolves are land mammals!

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I do not want ANYTHING to do with that “chop”!

20. “I, for one, will never go on a boat with Leonardo DiCaprio. Never ends well.” “Indeed.”

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21. Good. He deserves to go to jail.

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22. This soundtrack has been fantastic.

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“Mrs. Robinson” as the FBI raid the office is somehow perfect.

23. UGH he even had an easy time in prison??? I hate this guy so much.

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24. “Well! That was…interesting.”

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“I think I liked it?” “Are we allowed to say that?”

25. Is it “Score-SAY-zee?”

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26. Sure, unless you actually know anything about film in which case you’d know it’s “Score-SEZ-ee.”

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27. I hate you.

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28. Can I watch “Frozen” now?

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