Animals Besties Grooming Each Other Will Make You Want To Hug Your BFFL

Send this to your best friend to show them you care! And that you love anthropomorphizing!

1. First, press play (and skip the ad):

Next: Think of your bestie and enjoy!

2. Teenage cheetah besties. Chesties.

Life slows down when you have a best friend.

3. Macaque monkey besties in a hot tub

You can’t get this relaxed unless you know your bestie has your back.

4. Ginger kitty and husky besties

Furious, relentless love.

5. Grooming AND telling secret besties

Raising the bestie bar

6. Caught in the act cat besties

“umm, du you tink dey thsaw usth?”

7. Sloth and kitty besties.

Such tender lovin’.

8. Horse besties!

Wonder if it’s learned or…

9. In their genes!! ZEBRA BESTIES

Darwin would love this.

10. Cat and puppy besties!!!

Can I get in there?

11. Meerkat besties and maybe siblings?

Siblings are nature’s built-in best friends, after all

12. Tortoise besties!

Ok, to be fair, Google says they may be married or may be arguing, but for the sake of diversity I’m going to believe that they’re besties. I think the one on the right is doing an impression of Abraham Lincoln and the one on the left thinks it’s HI-LARIOUS and later they’re going to get 99 cent Frostys from the Wendy’s that’s open late.

13. Lioness besties, or perhaps sister wife lions!

One can never tell with nature.

14. Bearsties!

Mid-groom, perhaps sharing a little PDA

15. Grown-up meerkat besties

What’s better than a light massage from your BFFL?

16. Bunny besties in da sun

Not disappointed at all

17. Prairie dog besties and LOVIN’ it!

That’s EXACTLY the face I make when I get that tiny massage at the end of manicures. I feel ya, dog.

18. Ring-tailed lemur besties

They never showed this part in Zoboomafoo

19. Dog and fawn besties

I can’t stop fawning over this picture NO DON’T WORRY, I’LL SEE MYSELF OUT

20. Black lab besties from day 1!

Such besties you can’t even tell where one stops and another one starts

21. Cow besties*

*Winner: 2014 Most Picturesque Bestie Award

22. Parrot besties!!


23. Elephant besties

I don’t know about you, but I take dust baths with my best friends constantly.

24. Otter besties

You otter get a room! OK I LIED I’M STAYING

25. Rockhopper penguin besties!!

Only dedicated best friends will help you with your crazy ear mohawks.

26. Hippo besties

The tiniest, gentlest hippo tongue cleaning its best friend’s backside. That is true love.

27. Giraffe and Emu (or ostrich?) BESTIES!

Although it looks like the bird may not be into it. One sided besties :(

28. And finally: KITTEN. AND. FAWN. BESTIES.

“Well, then close your eyes and know
The words are coming from my heart…
In good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for”

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