33 Reasons Why Snow Is The Best

Winter is coming. Here’s why you should be excited.

Winter haters, step aside, because today we’re talking about why snow is awesome.

1. First, it’s stunningly beautiful.

2. You might even say majestic.

3. Whether it’s daytime…

4. …or nighttime, snow is gorgeous.

5. Cities look more charming blanketed in snow.

These are the rooftops of Prague.

6. And it looks great out in the middle of nowhere.

7. Playing outside on snow days is so much fun.

8. You can build a snowman.

Complete with a fashionable snowflake scarf.

9. Make snow angels.

Even this baby knows snow angels are the best.

10. Perhaps go sledding down a big hill.

12. Plus there’s skiing.

13. And snowboarding.

14. We need snow for skeleton, the sport with the most awesome name.

15. Snowflakes are a miracle of science.

The fact that no two are identical is MIND-BLOWING.

16. Winter fashion is great. There are snow boots,

Featuring a cute dinosaur toy.

17. snowpants,

Looking good.

19. Plus, snow’s not just for humans. Pandas love snow, and look adorable in it.

22. But seriously. Look at this panda.

This is the picture they have in the dictionary next to “ridiculously cute.”

23. It’s fun to try to catch snow on your tongue.

24. Or you can just run around with your friends.

25. Everyone loves a White Christmas.

26. It’s the best time to sit by the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate.

With whipped cream, obvs.

27. If you feel cooped up inside, you can travel around in a snowmobile.

28. Or go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

29. You can go snowshoeing, even.

30. Don’t forget to have a snowball fight!

31. You can build an awesome igloo.

32. Or instead of an igloo, maybe build a snow castle?

From a snow festival in Sapporo, Japan.

33. Basically, snow is magical.

So make sure to get out there this winter and enjoy it!

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