33 Reasons Why Snow Is The Best

Winter is coming. Here’s why you should be excited.

Winter haters, step aside, because today we’re talking about why snow is awesome.

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1. First, it’s stunningly beautiful.

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2. You might even say majestic.

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3. Whether it’s daytime…

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4. …or nighttime, snow is gorgeous.

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5. Cities look more charming blanketed in snow.

These are the rooftops of Prague.

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6. And it looks great out in the middle of nowhere.

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7. Playing outside on snow days is so much fun.

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8. You can build a snowman.

Complete with a fashionable snowflake scarf.

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9. Make snow angels.

Even this baby knows snow angels are the best.

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10. Perhaps go sledding down a big hill.

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12. Plus there’s skiing.

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13. And snowboarding.

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14. We need snow for skeleton, the sport with the most awesome name.

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15. Snowflakes are a miracle of science.

The fact that no two are identical is MIND-BLOWING.

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16. Winter fashion is great. There are snow boots,

Featuring a cute dinosaur toy.

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17. snowpants,

Looking good.

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18. and parkas.

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19. Plus, snow’s not just for humans. Pandas love snow, and look adorable in it.

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20. So do puppies.

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21. Cats, too.

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22. But seriously. Look at this panda.

This is the picture they have in the dictionary next to “ridiculously cute.”

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23. It’s fun to try to catch snow on your tongue.

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24. Or you can just run around with your friends.

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25. Everyone loves a White Christmas.

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26. It’s the best time to sit by the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate.

With whipped cream, obvs.

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27. If you feel cooped up inside, you can travel around in a snowmobile.

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28. Or go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

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29. You can go snowshoeing, even.

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30. Don’t forget to have a snowball fight!

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31. You can build an awesome igloo.

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32. Or instead of an igloo, maybe build a snow castle?

From a snow festival in Sapporo, Japan.

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33. Basically, snow is magical.

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So make sure to get out there this winter and enjoy it!

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