22 Surefire Signs That You’re From New England

Putting the rest of the country to shame since the 17th century.

1. You call these frappes.

Not milkshakes.

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2. You call traffic circles “rotaries.”

ID: 1373004

3. You love Tom Brady enough to forgive those unfortunate Uggs ads.

ID: 1373042

4. You’ve been on a family ski vacation.

Even if no one in your family actually knows how to ski.

ID: 1373050

5. You can drive two hours in any direction and be in a new state.

Except if you’re in northern Maine, I guess. But still — compared to a state like Texas, driving through all of New England is a breeze.

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6. You kneel at the altar of Dunkin’ Donuts.

ID: 1373128

7. You know at least one person whose entire house is furnished by Jordan’s.

Barry and Eliot: gods among men.

ID: 1373158

8. Singing the Bernie and Phyl’s jingle is like second nature.

“Quality, comfort, and price — that’s nice!”

ID: 1373205

9. You would never say hello to a stranger walking down the street.

I have somewhere to go. You have somewhere to go. There’s no need for us to interact.

ID: 1373239

10. You feel bad for people who don’t know the wonder of a New England lobster roll.


ID: 1373258

11. You’ve been on a school field trip to Old Sturbridge Village.

Or Plimoth Plantation.

ID: 1373288

12. You know that “wicked” is an adverb.

And it’s wicked annoying when people use it incorrectly.

ID: 1373293

13. You’re an aggressive driver.

Speed limit? More like minimum speed.

ID: 1373331

14. And you’re an aggressive pedestrian.

Basically, if you’re on or near a road, you’re going to be aggressive.

ID: 1373343

15. This is you, all winter long.

And sometimes even into the spring.

ID: 1373375

16. New England sports are a religious experience.

Sorry, western New England. You know it’s true.

ID: 1373410

17. This is clam chowder.

This is not.

ID: 1373504

18. You know that fluffernutters are the greatest sandwiches of all time.

ID: 1373516

19. You’ve been on a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s factory.

ID: 1373525

20. This is your most trusted food critic.

ID: 1373546

21. You’re spoiled by scenery like this.

ID: 1373559

And this.

Basically, New England is the most beautiful part of the country.

ID: 1373586

22. And finally, you’ll probably want to argue with this list.

“It’s too Boston-centric.” “What about X?” “I can’t believe you included Y!”

New Englanders like to argue. Go for it.

ID: 1373599

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