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    • amberb27

      My neighbor put in for me to watch her5year old son while she works. Well The first week he kept gettingabb gun out threatening to shot me and my3year old. Soihide the gun.Well That next MondayI came as usual he wasasleep at 10 in morning soimade him get up and get dressed to go to store and when we returned he grabbed something off the table and saidiam going to cut your face off. Come to find out it wasaswitch blade knife.I had no idea on how to even open it. Soiput inadrawer.. Wellalittle laterihad all the doors locked butihad to use the bathroom soicracked the door to hear what was going on next thingiknow the5year old unlocked the back door and him and my3year old ran out.Ichased them back inside and got on to him becauseihad told him earlier we couldnt go out side for it wAS RAINING AND MADE HIM STAND in corner for not listening and putting my kid in danger.. WEll he had broughtastick in and popped me with it… Wellihad to stand behind him with the stick to get him to stay in corner. he still kept running even thoughihad just told him to stay there. soiturned the tv off and said no tv til your mom gets home and you have to sit on couch.. Wellihad to do something with my3year old and set the stick down for justasec and the boy picked it up broke it across his bare chest and saidiam going to come to your house rub the stick together poke you in the eye and send you with the devil…