An Ode To Drunk-Eating

It’s no surprise that drunk-eating is the best part of the night.

1. It’s the weekend, and it’s time to throw back some shots with your friends.

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2. Now fast forward a few hours to literally the BEST part of your night.

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3. No, it’s not when you get to break out all those sweet moves on the dance floor.

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4. And no, it’s not when you score the digits from that really attractive person you just met.

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5. I’m talking about the happiest moment you will experience the entire night.

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6. It all starts when the alcohol takes over your body, and you want to eat everything.

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7. Next, you try to pinpoint exactly what you’re craving.

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8. Oh, the possibilities.

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11. You finally decide what you want. There’s no turning back. You’ve gotta have it, and you’ve gotta have it now.

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12. The thought of the delicious, delectable, fingerlicking goodness hitting your tongue takes over your brain.

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13. The anticipation of the first bite makes you so happy, you could cry.

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14. Now you pull yourself together and dive in.

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15. The second you take that first bite, your taste buds explode.

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16. You can’t contain yourself any longer, so you let your emotional attachment to this food take over.

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21. And then you proudly glance at the remnants of what was the best moment of your night.

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22. All you can do is thank the Food Gods for making this experience possible.

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23. Now your food coma will kick in, and you’ll fall fast asleep and have sweet dreams of the magical meal you just ate.

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24. #Bless

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