15 Reasons Why Being A Good Girl Is So Overrated

Because being bad is so much more fun.

1. 1. You always have way too many regrets.

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Nothing’s worse than a guilty conscience.

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2. 2. And you feel terrible about making any sort of mistake.

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3. 3.It takes you forever to make a decision because you overthink everything.

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4. 4. You end up apologizing when someone else does something wrong.

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5. 5. You feel the urge to do the right thing, even when it seems dumb.

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Stupid conscience!

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6. 6. You can’t say what you really think because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.

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7. 7. You’re just a terrible liar, period.

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8. 8. You’re always broke because you can’t turn down someone in need of money.

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So just avoid NYC subways at all costs.

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9. 9. And you’re constantly running late because you can’t turn away someone who needs directions.

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10. 10. People automatically assume that you’re not down to do anything wild.

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11. 11. And when you do something “bad,” people lose their minds.

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12. 12. People take advantage of you and you’re too nice to do anything about it.

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13. 13. You resort to cursing people out in your head because you can’t do it out loud.

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14. 14. The guy you’re dating bails on you when you want to take things slow…

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15. 15. And hooks up with a girl who isn’t pretty and has no standards at all.

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16. But at least you stay true to yourself.

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Actually, this just sucks.

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