The Best Aliases Of Burton “Gus” Guster

The Psych sidekick’s many nicknames.

1. Hollabackatcha

2. Jonathan Jacob “Jingly” Smith

3. Kick Knack

Shawn: Hello, I am Dr. Hauser. I’m filling in today. This is my personal candy striper, Knick Knack. He’s from Guam.

4. Felicia Fancybottom

5. MC ClapYoHandz

6. Gus “Silly Pants” Jackson

7. Tan

Shawn: We’re on the VIP list. Perhaps you recognize us as the modeling team Black and Tan.
Security Guard: Last names?
Shawn: No last names. One of us is Black and one of us is Tan. Just check the list.
Security Guard: Wow. It’s really you. Right this way, Tan.
Shawn: Excuse me? I’m Black. He’s Tan. I can’t believe you just made that assumption. You should be ashamed of yourself and your family.

8. Jazz Hands

11. Bruton Gaster

Gus: That says “photo by Bruton Gaster”.
Shawn: Well, I gave them the info when I was driving through a tunnel so that probably played a role.

12. The Jackal

The Jackal switch has been flipped.

13. Lavender Gooms

14. Magic Head

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