37 Times Shawn Hunter From "Boy Meets World" Was A Total Dreamboat

“When it comes to affairs of the heart, I am king.”

1. When he made this adorably sassy face.

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2. When he and Minkus switched roles, and he wore a sweater vest.


Not many can pull this look off. Also, Minkus should never dapple in the art of tattoos.

3. When he stared at Cory with his mouth open, and hearts everywhere literally stopped beating.

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4. When he and Cory do their signature best friend handshake.

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5. When he thought sideburns would make him look more mature.

ABC / Via

How adorably naive!

6. When he and Cory were shocked at the same sight, and his hair flopped ever so slightly.

7. When he pretended to be a girl.

8. When he actually dressed like a girl.

ABC / Via

Especially in drag, Shawn’s beauty is undeniable.

9. When he was “Shawnzie.”

ABC / Via

10. When he thought he was outsmarting Feeny by standing still and made this face.


No one outsmarts Feeny…he really should have known better.

11. When he liked a girl so much that he was afraid of sounding foolish.

ABC / Via

12. When he expressed his true feelings on love.


13. When he pointed out how flawless his locks are to entice Topanga.

ABC / Via

I’m not certain how she was able to resist.

14. When his school photo made him look like a god among men.


Aside: Cory’s quote is gold.

15. When he did “The Fonzie,” and America swooned in unison.

16. When he sleepily couldn’t deal with both Mr. Turner and Mr. Feeny.

ABC / Via

17. When he just wanted to hang out with his best friend/soulmate.

ABC / Via

How could Alan say no??

18. When he stood by Cory’s side after Topanga moved away.

ABC / Via

She was gone for approximately one episode. TRAUMATIC NONETHELESS.

19. When he felt sheepish about leaving Cory a Cinnabon.


Leaving someone a Cinnabon is basically the most romantic thing anyone can do. Ever.

20. When he missed Cory and just wanted to listen to the sound of his voice.

ABC / Via

21. When he yelled at Cory for lying to Topanga and suggested he turn to Scripture.

ABC / Via

22. When he tried SO hard to get Cory and Topanga back together, and we all wanted to see him succeed.

ABC / Via

23. When he fought for Topanga and Cory’s relationship when everyone else gave up.


24. When he taught everyone a lesson in horror films.

ABC / Via

25. When he called Cory “babe.”

Cory is so lucky.

26. Every time he and Cory embraced, and he showed his emotional side.

ABC / Via

27. When he danced with Feeny and the gang to make their ladies happy.

Such a people-pleaser!

28. When he grabbed Angela like this, and the world passed out for five seconds.

29. When he sat in his boxers in public, and everyone lost their minds.

30. When he gave Cory some excellent best friend advice.

ABC / Via

31. When he asked Angela never to leave him and made the poutiest face.

ABC / Via

32. When he and Cory sneered together.

I wouldn’t even be upset to be on the receiving end of this sneer.

33. When he and Cory shared a casual cup of coffee in the Student Union.

34. When he tried to breakup with Cory.



35. When he made Cory go through Rachel’s underwear drawer, and admitted he had a problem.

Respect. All is forgiven.

36. When he cried because he didn’t want to face Cory being married.

37. Lastly, when he choked up saying goodbye to Feeny, and we all died inside.


Girl Meets World premieres June 27th! Can’t wait to see Shawny’s cameos.

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