27 Times Zac Efron Embarrassed Himself In The "High School Musical" Franchise

Definitive proof he has always had zero intentions of sticking to the status quo.

1. When he wrestled between having his head in the game and singing about his feelings.

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2. That time he felt like just holding the basketball and belting out a note and Zeke the Baker looked confused.

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3. When he didn’t even know what creme brulee was.

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For real, WTF, Troy?

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4. When he said weird things like this and nobody questioned it.

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5. That time he was the “exclamation point” in this weird “cheer.”

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It was supposed to be a nice gesture, I guess?

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6. He wore his warm-up track jacket over a wife beater.

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7. That time he dropped his basketball and thrusted in front of the whole school.

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He was just really excited for summer.

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8. When he skipped across the kitchen with Chad, and everyone was weirded out by it.

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9. When he kneeled on the ground and looked up at everyone like, “What? I won’t regret this later.”

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10. It’s no secret that the entire “Bet On It” sequence is the most humiliating thing anyone has ever done.

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11. I mean…

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12. Is he really feeling the music or does he have gas? Not sure.

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13. That time he made this face.

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14. When he danced with Ryan like this.

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15. That time he complained about his suit being “too tight and making him look weird.”

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And he felt the need to thrust.

ID: 3412793

16. Just look at this bandana.

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17. “The Boys Are Back” is also quite the embarrassing number.

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(albeit entertaining)

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18. For example, he uses a t-shirt as a cape.

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19. He and Chad did this bro-tastic handshake.

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20. The top of their car flew off, and he screamed in terror.

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You are in a junk yard, Zac. You will be alright.

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ID: 3412960

22. When he made this face.

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ID: 3412894

23. One time his emotions were so extreme it caused basketballs to fall from the ceiling.

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ID: 3412996

24. He angrily stomp-danced down the hallways.

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25. More thrusting. The boy loves to thrust.

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26. He had a tantrum and ripped down his own larger than life poster.

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27. He had one final tantrum for good measure.

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Fear not, Zac. The world will continue to love you because you’re ridiculously good-looking.

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