20 Ways To Tell You Are A Disney College Program Alumni

Never forget that “safe D begins with me.”

20. Obviously, you have a “thing” for anything Disney.

And all your friends from home think you’re obsessed. (and you kind of are…but it’s a healthy obsession!)

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19. Disney World (or Disneyland) is your home.

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Who wouldn’t want to live within ten minutes of a magical theme park with 7,000+ college kids that like all the same things as you?

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18. You get really emotional over anything involving Walt Disney.

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We know it’s weird. The feels…there’s too many.

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17. You know all the words to the song in Splash Mountain.

“Pretty good, sure as you’re born.”

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16. You also know every second of dialogue from the Tower of Terror.

A warm welcome back to those of you who made it…

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15. You know where all the best Hidden Mickeys are located.

And point them out every time you see them. (This one is a classic from the dining room at the Haunted Mansion.)

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14. You’ve drank “around the world” multiple times.

And know only the bravest of souls start at Mexico.

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13. Every Sunday you have the urge to go to the House of Blues with your roommates…

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12. …despite the questionable clientele and poor choices that are made.

Disney / Via tumblr.com

What happens at HOB stays at HOB.

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11. Your blood actually boils when someone says they have a “friend who plays Belle.”

Disney / Via fark.com

Just..NO. Belle has a lot of friends. The end.

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10. It took over a year for you to stop pointing with two fingers.

Disney / Via perezhilton.com
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9. You often find yourself craving Dole Whips, Mickey waffles, Mickey premium bars, etc.

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8. You get choked up when one of your friends “checks in” at West Clock

Disney / Via tumblr.com

The entrance to “backstage” at the Magic Kingdom.

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7. You would literally murder for the chance to stay in the Cinderella’s castle suite.


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6. Everyone tries to stump you with Disney trivia.

Disney / Via imgur.com

…but fails because you already know everything.

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5. When you got home, you called your work’s uniform a “costume,” and everyone thought you were weird.

Disney / Via Doblelol.com
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4. You became depressed for a week after you left because everyone wasn’t always in a good mood.

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3. You can’t stop talking about Disney things and all the awesome things you did on your internship.

Disney / Via tumblr.com

Something only fellow CPs understand!

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2. In your spare time, you can be found planning your next Disney vacation.

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The amount of times you have previously gone is simply not enough.

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1. You think about working for Disney again all the time even though you already have an established career.

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Forget real life. Let’s quit our jobs, and move to Disney World.

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