This Is How We Celebrate “This Is How We Do It”

Dec. 3 is ’90s sensation Montell Jordan’s birthday. So let’s revisit his magnum opus through the nostalgic wonder of GIFs.

1. FIRST: Press play to listen to the hit Montell Jordan song (and maybe even rewatch that classic 1995 music video).

ID: 726434

2. NEXT: Watch GIFs of everyone on the Internet singing and dancing to “This Is How We Do It.”

ID: 726496

Listen to the Glee version here.

ID: 726498

Listen to the real-life glee-club version here.

ID: 726520

Watch these homemade instructions for how to do Montell’s dance from the music video here.

ID: 726530

Listen to some excited, earnest “This Is How We Do It” karaoke here.

ID: 726549

Listen to this older gentleman’s Lynchian homemade karaoke here.

ID: 726569

It’s a playable jam in Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360 Kinect…

ID: 726573

…which these dudes can’t get enough of.

ID: 726575

Don’t forget about these Instagrammy-looking YouTubers

ID: 726581

…and then there’s always the fresh sound of Montell’s 1995 Def College Jam Spring Break Remix. Watch it here.

ID: 726512

19. THEN: Unironically wish Mr. Jordan a Happy 44th Birthday on Twitter (@MontellJordan).

He’s active on Twitter these days, and he may even Tweet you back! Then you could tell people about it!

ID: 726583

20. ONCE YOU’RE THERE: School yourself on some “This Is How We Do It” trivia, straight from the source.

That’s right: Montell was tweeting about “This Is How We Do It” as recently as Friday!

ID: 726594

21. FINALLY: What, you were only going to listen to it one time?

Calling it quits on this song after a single play? That’s just simply not how we do it.

ID: 726599

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