The 13 Most Glamorous Windswept Moments From Beyoncé’s New Swimwear Commercial

This is some “paint with all the colors of the wind” realness. And B sings a new song too.

H&M released a new commercial this morning featuring the face of their new swimwear line, one Mrs. Carter.

And as well as modeling the collection, she’s performing a new song. The 90-second-long ad follows two sets of promotional photos featuring Queen B, because H&M are milking this collaboration (as they should).

ID: 1108329

She writhes around in the surf for a while, flipping her hair.

ID: 1108344

And writhes around on the beach too, which is all fun and games until you realize you have sand stuck between your toes and it’s just miserable.

ID: 1108347

At the end of the commercial there’s some campfire fierceness — no smores, though.

ID: 1108343

But the best moments come thanks to a sassy wind machine. Here they all are:

ID: 1108367

1. When you first see B in her tie-dye bikini from afar.

ID: 1108331

2. And then the camera zooms in a bit.

ID: 1108408

3. And then zooms in some more again and it’s like “omg Beyoncé has tie-dye wings this is fabulous.”

ID: 1108330

4. And then it’s like she’s actually going to fly, because you know Beyoncé could.

ID: 1108337

5. Definitely thinking about flying.

ID: 1108333

6. But then she just twirls the wings around a bit. It’s still pretty.

ID: 1108334

7. Boom! Backing dancers — with feathers on their arms. Maybe they can fly?

ID: 1108335

8. They’re limbering up and stretching it out.

ID: 1108342

9. They’re building up steam.

ID: 1108336

10. They are definitely going to fly. Any second now.

ID: 1108345

11. Oh no, false alarm. Beyoncé’s wings got tangled in her face.

(Still fabulous though.)

ID: 1108340

12. This will have to do.

ID: 1108341

13. Also just look at the way B’s super-smiling face pops up for a millisecond here and there.

ID: 1108338

Now, watch the commercial in full — and hear B’s new song — here. You’re welcome.

ID: 1108351

Beyoncé knows you’ll love it.

ID: 1108346

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