9 Delightful Gifs Of A 91 Year-Old Fashionista At The Zoo

Iris Apfel took a daytrip to London Zoo with British designer Duro Olowu, and Nowness went along to film their fun times.

1. At first Iris was a little apprehensive about all the animals.

Which is understandable — London Zoo includes a terrifying bird enclosure where I was once dive-bombed by a malevolent parrot.

ID: 1226209

2. But then she got into the spirit of things. Here she is waving at some lions.

ID: 1226207

3. “Rawr”

ID: 1226208

4. She likes tigers too.

ID: 1226211

5. The camels are a hoot.

ID: 1226213

6. “They’ve got the hump LOL”

ID: 1226214

7. Jokes aside, they’re adorable.

ID: 1226217

8. Also adorable: penguins.

ID: 1226215

9. But this motorized rooster rocking-horse is a bit much for Iris.

She’s like, “haha but no thanks, not for me.”

ID: 1226218

And that’s it for the day. After all, too much excitement is no fun all.

See the film in full at Nowness.

ID: 1232013

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