21 Times It’s OK To Delight In The Failure Of Others

Glorious, glorious schadenfreude.

1. When the life of a bully from high school doesn’t quite go according to plan.

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2. When that really annoying couple you know breaks up.

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3. When people are dicks to animals and get their comeuppance.

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4. When the person who speeds past you like a maniac immediately gets pulled over.

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5. Every texting-while-walking fail.

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6. When the cocky person at work gets served by your boss.

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7. When pointless bro aggression goes wrong.

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8. When someone sprints for a subway car and still doesn’t make it.

Where’s the fire, man?

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9. When an ex joins you in the sad lane.

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10. When someone else catches that puddle instead of you.

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11. When you’re on the winning side of an election.

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12. When someone’s drunken antics are too drunken to have sympathy for.

ID: 1528439

13. Any time a moralistic public figure blows it.

ID: 1528163

15. Seeing an insanely expensive car that’s been used as target practice.

ID: 1528696

16. When someone tries to make a cool guy entrance and gets taken down a peg.

ID: 1531375

17. Almost every satisfying sports moment.

ID: 1528001

18. But especially when you’re watching a Yankees game with a Yankees fan and then A-Rod gets all “clutch.”

Bill Kostroun / AP

Assuming you’re not that Yankees fan.

ID: 1531707

19. When the smart kid gets a B+ and CAN’T DEAL.

ID: 1528525

20. When people try to showboat and NOPE.

ID: 1529563

21. Almost every moment of every reality show.

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