24 Reasons Matt Saracen Is Your Dream Boyfriend

Tim Riggins, I’m really happy for your abs and I’mma let you finish, but #7 is the most dateable guy ever.

1. In case you haven’t had the EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL experience of watching Friday Night Lights — this is Matt Saracen, sometime quarterback for the Dillon Panthers.

Look at that mug.

ID: 1503135

2. He’s just got one of those smiles.

ID: 1503588

3. But you also can’t underestimate the smolder.

ID: 1504427

4. He might be super awkward when he asks you out, but somehow, it’s irresistible.

ID: 1499122

5. He’s not always awkward.


ID: 1507563

6. Matt Saracen pays attention when you tell him about your dietary restrictions.

ID: 1504572

7. He’s not afraid to cry, but he’s still tough.

Guy’s been through a lot.

ID: 1503947

8. OK, he’s really not afraid to cry, but still. He’s mad sensitive!

ID: 1504207

9. He’s sorta clueless, but in the most lovable way possible.

ID: 1502696

10. He is an adorably bad dancer.


A for effort, dude.

ID: 1504333

At least the basics are there.

ID: 1507691

11. Bad dancing doesn’t matter when bad dancing is shirtless.

ID: 1504486

12. There really aren’t any scenarios in which Matt’s not adorable.

ID: 1504908

13. He’s got a strong grasp on sarcasm.

ID: 1505246

14. He values family. A LOT.

ID: 1503696

15. Some creative role-play is not out of the question.

ID: 1504112

16. Guy is an athlete, he’s in shape.

ID: 1505196

17. Into taking it slow? Not a problem.

ID: 1504390

18. He’s great with dads.


Aww man, these guys!

ID: 1505571


ID: 1504861

20. Have I mentioned that he’s TOTALLY DREAMY?

I think it might have come up.

ID: 1504371

21. Looking good in a football uniform is one thing, but looking good working for Alamo Freeze means KEEPER.

ID: 1507452

22. Matt has your back.



ID: 1507589

23. SPOILER: There’s definitely no fear of commitment to worry about.

NBC / Via
ID: 1504420

24. Bottom line: This could be you.

Don’t you want this to be you?! (Hint: There is only one correct answer.)

ID: 1503282

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