Lorde Is The Best And Most Relatable Pop Star We Have

Relatability score: ∞

You guys all know Lorde. “Royals.” Looks kinda goth. Is generally ~the best~.

1. Dunno if you also knew that she has a Tumblr and on that Tumblr she is crazy relatable and fun and real.

3. She uses Photobooth, JUST LIKE US.


6. Campbell, you blew it, dude.

7. * duckfaces back at Lorde *

11. * entire world * Awwwwwww.

12. “just got to boston and this is an accurate txt based on how bad my brain freeze is rn”

14. This baby dinosaur.

15. She really, really gets it.

23. Recap: loves dogs. Is awkward.


24. Dear Lorde: never, ever change. You are the pop star the universe needs.

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