26 Signs You Are Hopelessly Addicted To Arsenal FC

There’s only one team in London.

1. Trials and tribulations aside, you love this man.

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2. And his puffy coat.

ID: 1863057

3. And his Wenger-isms.

He is top, top quality.

ID: 1868304

4. You will be replaying this in your dreams for eternity.

ID: 1863245

5. Alongside this.

ID: 1863301

6. You know how to spell Szczesny without looking it up.

ID: 1863562

7. At some point, you’ve convinced yourself that every youngster would be a superstar.

Ahhh, “The Youth Project.”

ID: 1863599

8. You will never forgive Ryan Shawcross.

Getty/Laurence Griffiths/Staff


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9. When you hear “BFG” you think of this:

Getty/Michael Regan/Staff
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And not this impostor.

ID: 1862804

10. Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, you have a crush on this dude.

Sergei Grits / AP

Bonjour, Handsome French Bloke.

ID: 1863646

11. However, you do NOT have a crush on Piers Morgan.

(You hate Piers Morgan.)

ID: 1863825

12. You still can’t believe this bug-eyed genius is a Gunner and now you’re putting umlauts on EVERYTHING.

Getty/Paul Gilham/Staff
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13. You drop “victory through harmony” into casual conversation.

ID: 1866193

14. You are pretty much Colin Firth from Fever Pitch.

ID: 1866374

15. Whatever else happens, you know no one can take 2003/2004 away.

Getty/Clive Mason/Staff
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16. Your only “second team” is the Red Bulls, for one very simple, very legendary reason.

Getty/Mike Stobe/Stringer
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ID: 1867631

17. You keep a running tally of famous Gooners.

ID: 1867722

18. You’ve tailored your social media for maximum Arsenal immersion.

ID: 1867784

19. Just seeing 4-4 or 8-2 written out makes you shudder.

Getty/Alex Livesey/Staff

ID: 1867868

20. Since circa 2008, you’ve gone back and forth several million times on whether Arsenal needs a proper defensive midfielder.

Is Yann M’vila still available?!

ID: 1867900

21. These are your socks.

ID: 1867911

22. These are your podcasts.

ID: 1867995

23. You are sick to death of hearing about the trophy drought. But also, fourth place is not a trophy.

Getty/Clive Rose/Staff

It’s a vicious cycle.

ID: 1868008

24. You tried to get behind DENCH. You really did.

ID: 1868074

25. This is just a small sampling of the Arsenal songs you know.

“F*ck them all! F*ck them all! United, West Ham, Liverpoooool…”

ID: 1868053

26. You hate Tottenham. Now and forever.

ID: 1868128

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