15 Hilariously Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts

You really shouldn’t have.

1. Color for your hair down there.

Find it here.

ID: 2329023

2. Rubber duckie massager.

Make it yours here.

ID: 2329026

3. Uterus undies.

Order them here.

ID: 2329046

4. Pink bondage tape.

Buy it here.

ID: 2329045

5. Disney Princess lingerie.

Or is that creepy? Either way, you can get it here.

ID: 2329056

6. Not your elementary school’s finger paint (in a box!)

Available here.

ID: 2329047

7. Flirty boxers.

Get them here.

ID: 2329067

8. The now-we-can-do-it-anywhere blanket!

Mess free bump and grind available here.

ID: 2329058

9. This foxy lingerie set.

Find the cuteness here.

ID: 2329077

10. A sexy game.

Available here.

ID: 2329069

11. Naughty mac n’ cheese…

Available for nomsin here.

ID: 2329088

12. And this sexy chef costume.

Yours here.

ID: 2329074

13. Fuzzy love cuffs.

Buy them here.

ID: 2329099

14. Candy undies for him.

Find it here.

ID: 2329052

15. Then wrap it all up in this rather forward gift box.

Buy it here.

ID: 2329081

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