Motherhood, As Told By Lucille Bluth, Emily Gilmore And The Dowager Countess

Loving their children since…what are you looking at? Make yourself useful and get them a drink!

1. As a kid growing up, your mom put up with you asking a lot of dumb questions.

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2. So she always made sure you had good social skills.

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3. But sometimes she would get a little bit mad at you.

Because you were giving her a headache.

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4. Like when you were making noise while she was on the phone.

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5. Or when you were pretending to be sick so you could miss school.

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6. When you became a teenager, sometimes your mom didn’t understand how important your social life was.

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7. She always busted you.

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8. Even when you told her you were innocent.

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9. Due to your teenage years, this happened a lot.

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10. Which is why she needed some of these.

ID: 1162222

11. And why this conversation might’ve happened.

ID: 1162224

12. But just when you thought you were in the clear, she starts getting interested in your love life.


ID: 1162227

13. And sometimes gives your new significant other looks like this.

ID: 1162228

14. But she’s always there when someone breaks your heart.

ID: 1162229

15. And reminds you about what is really important.

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16. And of course, she loves all of her children equally…

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17. However, remember that she’s an actual person and not just your mom.

ID: 1162234

18. She’s pretty damn fabulous.

ID: 1162235

19. And likes when you call to say “I love you.”

ID: 1162236

20. Or spend some quality time together.

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21. But most of all, she likes when you tell her she’s always right.

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