Fridays, As Told By Kristen Wiig

Because by the time Friday rolls around, we’re just like *whatever*.

1. Good morning! You look at your alarm clock and realize you overslept.

ID: 1152319

3. But it’s Friday, so you cruise to work.

ID: 1152326

4. You walk in, strutting your stuff.

ID: 1152331

5. And then you see the guy you have a major crush on.

ID: 1152333

6. So you flash your best smile, thinking you look like this.

ID: 1152336

7. When you actually look like this.

ID: 1152339

8. And during the entire morning meeting, you look like this.

ID: 1152343

9. Lunch finally rolls around, and you’re starving.

ID: 1153519

10. Except you forgot your wallet at home.

ID: 1153520

11. So you eat a granola bar from the bottom of your purse.

ID: 1153522

12. You think your boss didn’t see you come in late, but then she gives you a look like this.

ID: 1153526

13. And then you’re just like:

ID: 1153530

14. But then work is FINALLY over.

ID: 1153532

15. And it’s time to hit the town with your best friends.

ID: 1153539

17. But within the first 10 minutes at the bar, someone spills a drink on you.

ID: 1153545

18. And you’re thinking.

ID: 1153549

19. But instead, you take the high road.

ID: 1153550

20. And then you have an awesome time dancing with your friends.

ID: 1153551

21. Or solo.

ID: 1153553

22. Then at the end of the night, you stuff your face because it’s Friday.

ID: 1153554

23. And honestly, you’re just like:

ID: 1153556

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