20 Signs You Are Not Cinderella

Being a princess is totally overrated. I mean, the curfew is completely unreasonable.

1. The sound of birds chirping is NOT how you want to wake up.

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2. And you don’t handle exhaustion well.

You need your beauty rest.

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3. Your mom is nice to you and acknowledges your existence.

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4. When you’re home, you don’t do many chores.

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5. You don’t have an encouraging fairy godmother.

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6. But your actual godmother sent you $50 for your birthday.


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7. Pumpkins aren’t your primary mode of transportation.

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8. You wish you could get ready like this.

Damn, girl.

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9. And make a graceful entrance.

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10. Instead of, well…

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11. You don’t own a pair of glass slippers.

ID: 1188912

12. These don’t count.

If you own these, please throw them away.

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13. When you go to an event, you don’t dance like this.

ID: 1188915

14. But more like this.

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15. When you meet a guy you like, he won’t be a prince.


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16. But at least he’ll have a real name.

Prince Charming. Not a name.

ID: 1188922

17. When you lose your shoe, it’s not actually cute.

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18. And NO ONE will ever make an effort to return it to you.

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19. Oh yeah, and you are not a princess.

ID: 1188926

20. But you have your own definition of living happily ever after.

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