11 Sizzling Bacon Accessories To Satisfy Your Cravings

Everybody loves eating bacon but sometimes, life gets in the way. Here are 11 accessories to keep your cravings at bay when indulging in bacon is just not possible.

1. An EMT “BaconStrips” apron for those baconless meals you cook.

Some meals just don’t work with bacon. Such is life.

2. A bacon plush to ensure that when you sleep, you dream of bacon.

Bentley the Bacon Plush is the perfect bedtime companion for both young and old.

3. A bacon barrette to show your pride, without the grease.

Why would you waste real bacon to tie your hair anyway?

4. A bacon dog costume for that next level bacon statement.

Man’s best friend definitely supports man’s favorite meal.

5. A bacon band aid to prove that bacon cures anything.

Warning: You may want to hurt yourself on purpose just to cover yourself in bacon.

6. A bacon air freshener to keep your gym bag smelling good.

“Do you smell bacon?” is probably the best pickup line since “Are those space pants?”

7. A bacon scarf to keep you warm on those cold nights.

How do you not eat this when it’s so close to your mouth?

8. Bacon duck tape because every handyman loves bacon. It’s a fact

Bacon could possibly be the strongest material in the world.

9. A bacon tie that’ll have you smiling every time you look in the mirror.

Perfect for your next business meeting!

10. The Shakin’ Bacon Dashboard Dancer to improve your morning commutes.

You’ll shake this dashboard dancer so much it’ll start to sing “You shook me allllllll, nighttttttt, long.”

11. A t-shirt to wear your bacon pride on your back

Don’t call yourself a bacon fan unless you have a bacon t-shirt in your closet.

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