Ten Car Parks That Will Drive You Wild

Thousands of car parks were involved in a worldwide search to find the World’s Coolest Car Park. Judged by, DesignCurial and FX Magazine, here are the creative, unique and striking buildings that made the final cut.

10. Eureka Tower Car Park, Melbourne (Australia)

Typograffit Blog / Via

9. Ballet Valet Parking Garage, Miami (USA)

Dan Forer

8. Millennium Point, Birmingham (UK)


7. Car Park Plaza, Cánovas (Spain)

Cube Me / Via

6. Cordova Parkade, Vancouver (Canada)

Christopher Grabowski

5. Veranda Car Park, Rotterdam (Holland)

Van Rijthoven

4. Michigan Theatre, Detroit (USA)

Bob Jagendorf

3. Runner Up: Charles Street, Sheffield (UK)

Dennis Gilbert

2. Runner Up: Parc des Celestins, Lyon (France)

Graham Miln / Via

1. Winner: 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami (USA)

Hufton + Crow

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