26 Zen Gardens To Help You Find Inner Peace At Work

Meditate every day and rake your stress away.

Do you ever feel extremely overwhelmed at work?

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1. Maybe it’s time for you to get one of these zen gardens.

Get it here.

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2. Upgrade your game at work with a zen chess table.

Find it here.

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3. May the force of zen be with you and this mini-Yoda garden.

Find it here.

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4. Light some candles to help you get through a long, dark day of business.

Get it here.

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5. Bring the beach party to your desk with these decorations.

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6. Get this chic Japanese table top for a small, simple work space.

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7. You can even try and create your very own calming space.

Find out how here.

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8. Bring this NSFW butt garden into your office and make everyone say, “Oh, my!”

See more here.

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9. Satisfy your midday hunger with this edible zen garden. Meditate, eat, enjoy!

Get it here.

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10. Keep it simple and get this neat, round garden.

Buy it here.

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11. Keep your work life balanced with the yin-yang design.

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12. Make your garden charming by adding fish and rock charms for decoration.

See it here.

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13. Add a pond for extra serenity in your workday.

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14. Add a cactus to your garden for a serene desert vibe.

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15. Have some scented candles burn as you relax.

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16. Keep it classy with black and white.

Purchase it here.

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17. Add tiny shrubs for an outdoorsy feel.

Find it here.

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18. Have a garden with a fountain and let the stream of water keep you calm.

Find it here.

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19. Get patriotic at your office by bringing in some red, white, and blue.

Get it here.

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20. Recreate your dream lake house in a secluded rocky beach.

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21. Keep up with the seasons and have your garden themed year-round.

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22. Personalize it to reflect your passions. Anyone up for some mini-golf?

Get it here.

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23. Have a classy looking set of zen gardens. One for you and the other one for your boss.

Get them here.

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24. Add some light to you garden with this frame made out of stained glass.

Buy it here.

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25. Incorporate some floral design for some extra decoration.

Find it here.

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26. And add a tiny tree to the center for some extra zen.

Get it here.

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No matter how many copies and folders you have to file you can feel zen every day at work!

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