These Spiders Will Cure Your Arachnophobia With Their Cuteness

Beware: You might suffer from cute aggression.

1. Be introduced to the cutest spiders on planet Earth, the Jumping Spiders.

They are part of the Salticidae arachnid family.

ID: 3505711

2. They are extremely cute as babies.

They are also harmless and have over 4,000 species all over this wonderful world.

ID: 3506854

3. And are still extremely cute all grown up.

They even like to accessorize with cool dew hats.

ID: 3506767

4. Look how they move their small adorable claws.

Most can be found in tropical areas, but they also live in cold regions like the Himalayas.

ID: 3505710

5. And their family portraits are the best.

These friendly spiders also reside in North America. There are 300 known species on this continent.

ID: 3506761

6. They have super suave moments that hypnotize you.

That’s if you weren’t already hypnotized by their cute-as-a-button eyes.

ID: 3506935

7. And look, they look super cool playing the drums! Ram-pumpum-pum.

These spiders are known to be extremely agile, so for them to play instruments would kinda make sense.

ID: 3506940

8. Some are also very colorful and beautiful.

Like this Peacock Jumping spider, which loves to show its true colors.

ID: 3508113

9. Hello! Don’t fear me, please!

ID: 3505727

10. This poor little crawler is more scared of you than you are of him.

ID: 3506786

11. I hope your arachnophobia has been cured…

ID: 3508095

12. …and that we can be friends now.

ID: 3508129

13. Bye!

ID: 3508175

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