25 Problems Every Short Man Faces In His Life

Sometimes it’s inconvenient being so close to the ground.

1. Having to stand on your toes so the urinal doesn’t touch your junk.

Some urinals are not meant for men 5’7” and under.

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2. Never being able to find dates on dating apps because people only date tall men.

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3. When your girlfriend is taller than you and decides to wear heels.

You’ll instantly become a dwarf and she’ll become a giant.

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4. Spending 10 minutes modifying your seat and steering wheel so you can reach the pedals.

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5. Carrying a stool around because your never know when you’ll need that extra foot.

Rmsuchy / Via reddit.com
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6. Being bad at basketball because you’ll never get past the tall, lanky people.

There’s just no way you will get past all the tall players.

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7. Suffering from neck pains because of lengthy conversations with tall co-workers.

Ann-Maria Alcantara / Via Buzzfeed
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8. Fearing that you may never make as much as your tall co-worker.

Via om.co
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9. Jumping up to try and reach the pull-up bar at the gym.

The height of these chin up bars is too damn high... Not ashamed to use a bench as a step stool... Shortmanproblems.

— Jimmy Whisenhunt (@jimmywhis)
ID: 3432913

10. Never being able to reach far enough to hit the ball when playing pool.

Sometimes you just have to get on top of the table to get that hit.

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11. Having to tailor every suit you buy because they don’t make suits in your precise size.

Finding blazers that are 34-S is close to impossible.

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12. You pretend to shop for your nephew in the kids section when you’re really just shopping for yourself.

Pavel L Photo and Video / Via shutterstock.com

It’s like buying fitted clothes.

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13. Finding clever ways to reach top shelves while shopping.

For some odd reason the things you need will always be out of reach.

ID: 3435331

14. People thinking you are not well-endowed because of your height.

It’s a myth, people!

ID: 3433098

15. Being carried by everyone because they think you are light as a feather just because you’re short.

Youtube / Via thewire.com
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16. Gaining 5 pounds will always show.

Fuse / Via Thinkstock.com

There is no hiding it, so you better jump right back on that treadmill.

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17. Attempting to do yoga because it apparently makes you look taller.

These stretches straighten your posture, and can therefore make you a few inches taller

— Weird Hacks & Facts (@TheWeirdWorld)
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18. Struggling while cooking because kitchen cabinets are apparently only meant for tall people.

ID: 3435378

19. Not being able to touch the floor or even the stool step when sitting down.

Stupid new McDonald's chairs, can't touch the foot rest makes it uncomfortable to sit #shortmanproblems

— Eric Anderson (@EA_Dordt20)
ID: 3435443

20. Purchasing short shorts that turn out to be regular shorts when you wear them.

@WBatterbury quote: 'they said on the internet they were short shorts' #shortmanproblems #dwarf

— Max Harvey (@MaxHarvey_12)
ID: 3435465

21. Fearing that you wont be able to ride your favorite roller coaster.

ID: 3436215

22. Always being used as an armrest by your gigantic friends.

Sean Justice / Getty Images
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23. Not being able to touch the bottom of the pool past the 5 ft. mark.

ID: 3436235

24. Always having awkward hugs with people that are taller than you.

NBC Universal / Via dailymail.co.uk
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25. And having to stand at the front in group pictures or you get lost in the back.

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