22 Very Real Truths Guys With A Girl BFF Understand

“All men suck. Except you, of course!”

1. You’ve heard the line, “I hate all men, they are assholes. EXCEPT FOR YOU!” over 1,000 times.

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2. People automatically question your sexuality.

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Like it’s any of their business.

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3. When she gets cryptic messages from guys you become the expert guy-translator.

Yup, he wants to get in your pants. Don’t text back.

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4. She always uses you as a fake boyfriend to ward off other men.

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5. You tend to have a better sense of style than most men thanks to her fashion guidance.

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6. You’ve bought tampons for her at least once and gotten judgmental looks.

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7. You don’t cringe when you hear the word “vagina” because she’s always telling you about her period and visits to the gynecologist.

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8. When you go out, you wait at least an hour for her to get ready.

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9. If she invites all her girlfriends to the club you manage to get in with them for free.

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10. One of the perks of having her around is that you can put stuff in her purse and never carry anything.

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11. When she has a boyfriend you have to deal with him being jealous of your relationship all the time.

Sucks to be him.

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12. You no longer dread shopping because it’s a fun activity when you go with her.

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13. Thanks to her you now understand the frustration of bra sizing.

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14. She always asks you for a man’s perspective on dating, even though there’s a 98% chance she’ll ignore it.

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15. She’s better than Tinder when it comes to finding you dates.

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16. She tries ordering something healthier than you, but always ends up jacking your fries.

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17. You’re the only guy she can trust when she needs an honest opinion because you don’t bullshit her.

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18. If you ever need a last-minute date for a wedding you know you can count on her.

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And it will be wickedly fun.

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19. Your guy friends always ask if you can hook them up with her, but hell no because no one is good enough for your BFFL.

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20. People always accuse you of being secretly in love with her.

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Because God forbid that a man and woman can be friends.

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21. Your devotion to her is always misinterpreted. You’re like brother and sister.

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22. And you’re living proof that men and women can indubitably be BFFs!

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