This Dog Apologising To A Baby For Stealing Her Toy Is The Sweetest Thing That Ever Happened

<3 you Charlie.

1. What happened is, Charlie the beagle stole Laura the baby’s toy.

ID: 3427938

2. (This is what heartbreak looks like in its purest form).

ID: 3427940

3. And Charlie felt really bad about it.

(This is guilt in its purest form).

ID: 3427942

4. So he brought her a tennis ball.

ID: 3427953

5. And then he was like, “I can do more here. Let me make it right.”

ID: 3427958

6. So he got her a Playstation controller too.

ID: 3427950

7. And the toy he stole.

ID: 3427951

8. And another doll.

ID: 3427952

9. “We good? We good.”

Important: Charlie has a Facebook page.

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ID: 3427961

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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