This Grandmother Has 286 Tattoos

Sheila Jones, 64 years old and a grandmother of 13, only started adding them a few years ago, and still wants more. They include Marmite jars, Mick Jagger’s name and cupcakes.

1. Sheila, from Weston-Super-Mare, got her first tattoo due to a schoolgirl crush.

ID: 2415971

2. She told the Western Daily Press: “When I had the first tattoo I thought it would be a cool thing to do. A lot of people were doing homemade ones at the time with Indian ink.”

ID: 2415970

3. In her late 30s her interest in tattoos re-emerged.

ID: 2415969

4. It was when she met her second husband Rob, 49, that her interest peaked. He was a “hobby tattooist”.

ID: 2415972

5. She was the perfect subject for him to practise on.

ID: 2415976

6. She was regularly getting two tattoos a week.

ID: 2415974

7. The majority of her body is now covered – apart from her stomach and bottom.

ID: 2415975

8. This is her favourite tattoo: the name of her favourite rock star.

ID: 2415977

9. She says people’s reactions to her tattoos are nearly always positive.

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