Peter Griffin Has An Instagram Account Now

Welcome, Peterpumpkineater69.

1. Yes, this really is his account.

ID: 2775422

2. In as much as it was created by Fox and the captions are written by the show’s writers.

“Happy anniversary to my wonderful wife! #uglysleeper #latergram”

ID: 2775439

3. Like every good Instagram user, he posts pictures of his lunch.

ID: 2775466

4. Fox is using the account to market the video game based on the show.

“Look at this idiot. #loser”

ID: 2775445

5. The account’s only been live about a week and has 73,000 followers.

“#drivebymooning (photo credit: Lois Griffin)”

ID: 2775447

6. According to Digiday, fans may even find hints about future episodes if they keep an eye on the account.

“Haha, just egged this idiot’s car! #pranks #funny #sorrynotsorry #justrealizedeggsarebabychickens #actuallysorry #didigotoofar #prankersremorse #nohestartedit #giantchickensucks #pranks #funny”

ID: 2775459

7. And no doubt some rather gross stuff.

“Stubbed toes suck. #barefootatwork #officekarate”

ID: 2775471

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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