21 Tricks That Took Phone Pranking To A Whole New Level

Don’t beat the troll. Be the troll.

1. The “Literary Aficionado”.

2. The “Clown”.

3. The “Star Wars”.

Via http://webfail.net

4. The “Location Disclosed”.

5. The “New Car”.

6. The “Yay I Passed”.

7. The “Harry Potter”.

Via http://mephobia.org

8. The “Wrong Number”.

9. The “Girlfriend Needs To Know”.

10. The “Food Poisoning”.

11. The “New Shortcuts”.

12. The “New Shortcuts: Pedantry Edition.”

13. The “New Background Image.”

14. The “STD”.


15. The “Surprising Sext Direction”.

16. The “fake three dots”. You’ll need the GIF from here.

17. The “Cat Facts”.

18. The “Daily DiCaprio”.


19. The “Christmas Lights”.

Via http://textastrophe.com

20. The “Delivery Failure”.

21. And the all-time classic: “2 grams for $40.”


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