This Cat Weighs More Than A 3-Year-Old Child So It’s Just Been Put On A Diet

Meatball is a really, really big cat.

1. HI THERE, Meatball!

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Meatball was handed in to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, Arizona, earlier this week.

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2. Melissa Gable, from the rescue centre, told Barcroft Media: “I’ve never seen a cat this size before. We’ve been told he’s only been fed cat food, but he doesn’t seem interested in that at all.”

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3. Meatball is massive, but he’s not actually the world’s heaviest cat. That honour goes to Garfield.

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4. Staff at the centre have now put Meatball on a strict diet so that he can regain his mobility.

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Barcroft Media


“He can walk fine, but after a few paces he just lies down,” Gable said. “He is very sweet-natured, though, and when people come in to see him he will roll over on to his back and let them rub his belly.”

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5. She added: “His previous owners called him Meatball, but some people have said he should be renamed Meatloaf. His coat is in good condition, he purrs likes crazy and grooms himself – so other than his massive size, he appears to be in good shape.”

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6. What a cat.

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