Jason Statham Face-Planted In The Pool At The Commonwealth Games And It Probably Made His Career

In related news: Jason Statham dived in the Commonwealth Games and face-planted in the pool.

1. So this happened in 1990.

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2. As you can see, Jason looks really apprehensive.

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3. And in retrospect maybe that was because…

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4. …this was about to happen.

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5. This woman was like: “Damn, that guy has just mashed his face up.”

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6. And then he did it again in slow motion.

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7. And he was like: “That really hurt, maybe the judges will take pity.”


But they didn’t.

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8. And Jason was sad.

Columbia Pictures.
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9. But the story has a happy ending. Because it turned out Jason Statham face-planted so badly all the hair got knocked off his head.

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10. And to his surprise, that made him about 10 million times cooler. And he appeared in Crank, which is pretty much the best film ever made.

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11. And The Transporter, in which he has funniest accent of all time and pretty much kicks more ass than a film character has ever kicked before.

20th Century Fox
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12. And that is the story of Jason Statham’s Face-Plant, or How You Should Always Follow Your Dreams.

AP Photo/Sang Tan, File

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