Scottish Charity Says Its Twitter Account Was Hacked After Tweets Called JK Rowling A #Bitch

Social media engagement strategy of the day.

1. This tweet from The Dignity Project appeared mid-afternoon.

It is, according to its website, a charity that aims to improve the quality and standard of education in Africa for children and their communities.

Whoever runs their Twitter account is, like many Scots, unhappy about the author’s opposition to Scottish independence. They’re no doubt further riled by the fact she’s today announced that she has donated £1 million to the “Better Together” campaign to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom.

5. The charity’s Facebook page suggests it’s struggling somewhat.

7. BuzzFeed has reached out to the charity for further comment.


The charity has claimed on its Facebook account that its Twitter account has been hacked. It then deleted the Facebook account.


A statement appeared on the charity’s website, but appears to have been taken down.


It’s not the first time a sexist tweet has appeared on the account.

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