27 Staggering New Pictures Of The Somerset Levels Floods

The new shots, taken today, show the evacuated areas around Burrowbridge, Bridgwater, and Moorland.

Burrowbridge, Somerset

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

A flooded farm near Burrowbridge on the Somerset Levels, Feb. 9, 2014.

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

Many areas have been evacuated as the water levels have risen.

Bridgwater area, Somerset

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

The small community at Burrowbridge on the banks of the River Parrett is completely surrounded by water. The church in the background stands on Barrow Mump.

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles struck a cautious tone on the subject of global warming.

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

He said: “To a degree I don’t think it matters whether it’s climate change or whether it’s part of the cycle we normally see in weather, we’ve got to deal with the consequences.”

14. The main railway line through Somerset near Bridgwater is now completely underwater in places.

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

Moorland, Somerset

16. The village of Moorland is now almost completely abandoned.

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

21. Sam Notaro is one of the people left: He is continuing his desperate efforts to save his £1 million new-build house from the floods.

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

22. He has constructed a mud bank around his property and has used plastic sheets and sandbags around the house itself.

Adam Gray/SWNS.com

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that there was only one resident left in the village of Moorland. A resident has contacted BuzzFeed to say there are in fact a number of residents left in the town, in 13 houses and bungalows, still battling to keep the flood waters at bay. (10/2/2014, 9:15 a.m. GMT)

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